About us

*Tiny fashion, for tiny humans*

  • Lilli Frills Boutique is a small business where I design and sew children's clothing and accessories for babies through adults.
    - In an effort to promote safe fashion accessories for tiny humans, I use hook and loop (aka Velcro®) on the Baby and Toddler scarves. *
    Scarves for fashion, Velcro for safety!*
    - Coordinating bow ties and scarves are available in sizes newborn through adult! Perfect for family photos and holidays!
    - Children's clothing is available in sizes Newborn through Child Size 12, in "Made to Order" releases and occasional "Ready to Ship" loads. 

  • Lilli Couture by Lilli Frills Boutique. Lilli Couture is my creative playground where I design and sew unique, one of a kind pieces. Lilli Couture hosts surprise releases with ready to ship items.

  • Sofia's Closet by Lilli Frills Boutique. Photoshoot Items, test pieces and imperfects. All items are discounted to reflect condition and ready to ship!

All Lilli Frills Boutique pieces are designed, handmade and machine sewn, by me, in my smoke free, dog & cat friendly home.

* * * * * * *

-Lil·li·pu·tian \ˌli-lə-ˈpyü-shən\
Definition of LILLIPUTIAN

1: of, relating to, or characteristic of the Lilliputians or the island of Lilliput

2a: small, miniature <a Lilliputian camera>