Safety and CPSC Compliance

What is Compliance?

What is the CPSC?

Compliance, simply put, means to follow the rules. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has set forth regulations regarding the safety of all products made for the purposes of gifting, selling and even donating. Any product that is made for the purpose of giving to someone else is subject to CPSC regulations. These regulations include (but are not limited to): registration with the CPSC, labeling, tracking, maintaining safety certificates and certificates of compliance for all finished products. The CPSC regulates flammability, lead and BPA in textiles, toys and durableĀ children's products.

All Lilli Frills Boutique products adhere to Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations. Lilli Frills Boutique is registered with the CPSC as a Small Batch Manufacturer (SBM RNĀ 028119-032017).

For more information you may visit the CPSC website at